Connect Groups are our Sunday morning adult Bible studies and fellowship groups. We have 6 different classes that are designed to meet a variety of needs for our adults.  Each class meets at 9:15 am each Sunday morning to fellowship and study God's Word.  Whether you are looking for a video based discussion group, a round table discussion, a class on parenting, or a more traditional teacher directed class, we have something for you. Here is a list of our current Connect Groups.

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Berean Fellowship - Intergenerational verse-by- verse study of the Bible conducted in an open and interactive style. Currently studying the Book of Philippians.

Seekers - This group is a general Bible study that is for adults of all ages. This class is generally topical and discussion based approach. Currently studying "What Jesus Demands from the World" by John Piper.

Adult Bible Fellowship - Small groups that meet in a “round table” format to study God’s Word together. Currently studying Hebrews Chapters 1-7 from the Explore the Bible Series. 

Couples Following Christ - Parents with small children who are learning together how to raise their children to be godly in an ungodly world. Currently studying "Parenting From The Tree Of Life" by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.

Young Adults - Both single and married individuals who have started their careers meet to discuss the Word of God and its application to life. Currently studying the Book of Hebrews.

NEXT College Class - College age group who are striving to grow together in service for Christ by impacting our Church and our community. Currently studying the Book "10 Things Jesus never said: and why you should stop believing them" by Will Davis Jr.


A Year of Connection