During the month of September, our theme has been “Connecting through prayer.” I have also been teaching a L.I.F.E. class entitled “Eight Marital Minefields” over the last few weeks. It has been a couple of years since I have had the opportunity to teach on marriage and the potential minefields that our homes face. I love reading books on the Christian home, and it’s a topic I enjoy teaching. But as I have been working through this material I have been reminded of Psalm 127:1 which says, “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (ESV). We need to be consistently and fervently going before the Lord in prayer on behalf of our families.

Without God’s working in our homes, we are perhaps implementing some good practices, but we are not necessarily achieving our goal of building a family for the glory of God. Without question, an important part of building godly marriages and homes is prayer. As I thought about prayer, I wrote out a few prayers that I offer for my family on a regular basis. These are by no means exhaustive, but these are prayers that I bring before the Lord on behalf of my family on a regular basis.

First, I pray that my wife and kids will be protected through the course of the day both physically and spiritually. We often think of the physical protection that our families need through the course of the day, but do we always remember to pray for their spiritual protection? I now have two teenagers in my home, and I am painfully aware of the plethora of temptations that they face on a daily basis. They need my prayer for spiritual protection. As my wife manages our home and teaches her classes, I know life can become overwhelming. She needs my prayers for physical strength, but also she needs me to pray that she will stay strong spiritually in the areas where she is prone to struggle. Life can be difficult. Spiritual fatigue can easily lead to temptation; therefore, our families need our prayers. This first prayer focuses on having the character to flee temptation.

Secondly, I pray that my wife and kids will obey God’s commandments throughout the day. This prayer coincides in many ways with the first, but this one is intended to emphasize the clear commandments God gives us in Scripture (e.g., to tell the truth, and to love our neighbor as ourselves). I want my family to say “No” to temptation, but I also want them to obey God in all other areas of life as well. I pray my kids will be kind, loving, patient, forgiving, etc. I ask the Lord to strengthen my children at school so they can be spiritually influential in their classes. I pray my wife will be obedient to God’s commandments throughout the day as well. Obedience to God isn’t limited to standing firm when facing temptation, it’s also a call to actively obey God’s commandments. This prayer focuses on obeying what we know God has commanded us to do.

Thirdly, I pray that my family will boldly follow God’s leading. This prayer has an immediate and future aspect. I pray that my wife and kids will follow God’s leading in their daily affairs, but I also pray that they will follow God’s leading in the days and years to come. I don’t pray that my kids will grow up and go into a particular career. But I do pray that they will faithfully develop their gifts so that God can use them in the future in whatever vocation He calls them to do. God uses people in a variety of professions, and I want my kids in particular to choose the career path God has designed them to follow. While I don’t pray that my children will pursue a particular profession, I do pray that they will allow God to use them in whatever He equips them to do.

Finally, I pray that my sons will grow up to be godly men who, if the Lord wills them to be married, find godly wives. I pray that they will become men of character who are loving leaders for their future families. Likewise, I pray that my daughter will grow up to be a woman of character who loves God with all of her heart. I pray that if the Lord wills her to be married, that she will develop into a loving wife and mother. I pray that my little girl will become a woman that reflects the characteristics found in Proverbs thirty-one.

Prayer is to be a daily activity for the believer. I pray that these four prayers will help you pray more effectively for your family. For more helpful ways to pray for your children please check out the link below.

Jay Knolls